Passenger Platform Lifts

  • Installed on exterior of your home

  • Dual mast

  • Dual grooved winders

  • Aircraft grade cable

  • Large 3.6' x 4' cargo area

  • Lifts up to 500 lbs

  • Travels 18' per minute

  • All marine-grade aluminum & stainless steel construction

  • Shatter resistant Lexan glass

  • Anti-skid floor

  • Safety features of an elevator

  • Lockout power switch

  • Safety rail gate included

  • Protects you from the elements

  • Easy maintenance

  • Value added to home

  • Electrical and mechanical components located above flood level

  • Multiple stops available, up to 40

  • Custom powder coating available

  • Pre-made fascia available

Passenger Lift Features & Benefits

A Legacy Platform Lift will enhance your life. Your weekly grocery shopping trip will become pleasurable since you will be able to carry yourself and your purchases to your kitchen in one trip.


If you have mobility issues, the lift will improve your quality of life dramatically. No more concerns of falling down stairs or carrying heavy packages up stairs. Storm coming? You can quickly move your belongings stored on ground level to safety. Plus you will avoid the rain-soaked slippery steps if you must evacuate.

Finally, a code-certified, ADA compliant passenger lift for people who live in elevated houses! The Legacy Platform Lift will transport you safely, quickly, and reliably from your car to your living area.


Because it mounts on the exterior of your home, installation is quick. No new construction is needed, no valuable floor space used for an elevator shaft.

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